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Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Las Vegas

Duct Fabrication Customization & 其他配件

At 澳门足彩app, we do not subcontract your duct fabrication to third parties. We are up to date with the latest technologies available for metal fabrication and have our own facility to complete all kinds of large-scale HVAC projects. With a team of professionally trained and experienced technicians, we always take the time to discuss your 住宅 or 商业 metal fabrication project thoroughly, assess and measure your space, and provide an upfront estimate.

We proudly offer customer-based and cost-effective means of designing and building custom ductwork and metal fittings using:

  • Galvanized sheet metal (14 ga.)
  • Stainless steel (18 ga.)
  • 黑铁

Our customer sheet metal fabrication and duct fabrication technicians in Las Vegas will get your project done on time and on budget.

澳门足彩app also offers custom fabrication of fiberglass duct board. To schedule an appointment for duct services, get in touch with us at (702) 453-4229!

We Guarantee All Our Work

If you have a project that includes metal work and you need help, 澳门足彩app has qualified technicians that can come out and do the measuring for you. We stand by our work, so if the ductwork or custom metal fabrication comes out wrong, the project is free.

Our list of sheet metal fabrication services in Las Vegas includes:

  • Design and build duct fabrication
  • Mobile welding services
  • 铝 and stainless ductwork
  • Grease duct alterations or repairs
  • Laundry chute repairs
  • 黑铁 equipment stands
  • Duct transitions for rooftop package units
  • Kitchen hoods or exhaust hoods

We also offer various sheet metal fittings, including:

  • Change cheek or drop cheek elbows
  • 中国的帽子
  • Grease duct fittings or ductwork
  • Manual control dampers
  • OG补偿
  • Radius or square elbows
  • Square-to-rounds
  • 直接管
  • 转换

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

From pre-fabricated to made-to-order ductwork, our in-house metal fabrication facility at 澳门足彩app can do it all. We even provide a range of accessories including fittings, hoods, and more. Trust our team to provide you with the customized metal work your 住宅 or 商业 property needs. We are always proud of our work and back everything with a money-back guarantee.

Discuss your Las Vegas metal fabrication project with our team today! 打电话给我们, (702) 453-4229 or book an appointment online.


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